About Us

Our Story

Fineshift started with a team of young entrepreneurs who foresaw the need for Digital Transformation of the businesses. Digitizing the business is a strenuous and it is impossible for organizations to engage resources for this activity. So, our team of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs girded up to help organizations to have seamless Digital Transformation and that’s how Fineshift was born on 13th April 2021. 

We very well know that Time=Money equation holds true for organizations. We started helping organizations to adopt DevOps Culture making them more productive. But, this was not the final solution. The only thing that is permanent in Industries is ” Change“. 


What gives us better edge over our competitors?

 Its our Technophilic team who is ever ready to face challenges and keen to learn new technology.
It is because of our enthusiastic team we could expand our horizon to US, Australia and Dubai within short span of one year.
We don’t believe in siloed culture. Though we have different teams , we always encourage teams to exchange ideas and create a perfect symbiotic work culture.

Our Journey So Far 


Our secular employment policy at Fineshift is committed to offer equal opportunity to the candidates without any regard to race, color, religion, or gender. 

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